Earn Money From Wazzub

Earn Money From Wazzub
Wazzub Bangladesh
I – Google is rich and selfish You definitely know companies like Google or
Yahoo!. And you definitely know as
well how much they earn. No? Here is the answer:
They earn billions and billions of $$$ each year (Google earned
$ ONLY in 2010) thanks to US who use their services. Google

offers a lot of services. But 95% of its cash ($27.550.000.000) comes from
only ONE service: the famous search engine, Google Search. Each user makes
Google earn about 1$/day.
Imagine you could get only 0,001% of that cash: $275.000/year (about $23.000/
month). The problem is: you won’t because Google keeps ALL the cash for itself.

II – Wazzub, the users’ revolution In 2007, someone thought: “We,
the users make them earn billions and we don’t
get a single cent. That’s disgusting”. Wazzub was born.
Wazzub is a search engine, like Google, that gives you money for referring
people to him. You get $1/month, LIFETIME, for each user who joins Wazzub
with your referral link. And you also get $1/month, LIFETIME, each time
someone joins your group (e.g.: you get $1 if your friend refers someone, but
you also get $1 if the friend of your friend refers someone, etc...).
You can try their calculator to see how it can be easy to get $4000/month
without any effort. You just need to refer 5 persons who do the same thing
on 5 levels. It can be done easily and rapidly just by telling your friends and
by posting on forums on Internet like I’m doing at the moment.4000$/month,
LIFETIME, just for telling your friends to join a website. That sounds
amazing, doesn’t it? And that’s reality.

III –Why Wazzub pays so much? You may wonder why Wazzub pays you
to refer people. Actually, the answer is
quite simple: the more visitors they get, the more they get paid. Remember,
Google gets $1 per user PER DAY. Wazzub pays you $1 per user
PER MONTH. So it’s still gainful for Wazzub. IV – Take your decision
You have to take your decision very quickly: join now, start telling your friends and
earn $50, $1000, $4000 or even more per month during your entire life. Or wait
and see if it’s really legit (trust me, it is)... But be careful: indeed, Wazzub won’t
count the members who joined after April, 1, 2012.

Actually, they consider that after these 4 months (I’m writing this eBook on
December, 26, 2011) they will have enough members and they won’t have to
pay to get more and more members.
So join NOW, it’s FREE, and get the more persons you can before April, 1,
2012. After that, it will be too late. You have 4 months to change your life.

V- Nothing more to say, it’s time to sign up
You have, and you will have nothing to pay. It’s totally FREE. Just go
here: , enter your email,
click the “Go” button and... THAT’S IT.
Then, you will instantly receive an email with a few important information and
your referral link.

VI – Tell everyone about Wazzub
The important thing to keep in mind is: the faster you are to post in forums,
tell your friends, etc... the more persons will sign up with YOUR referral link.
Wazzub is very recent. You’re one of the first persons in the world to know
about it. Don’t throw this opportunity away.
You can copy & paste this e-Book and repost it with your own referral link, it
doesn’t matter.
so why wait just click here and get the journey http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=41e57


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